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13 min. Highlights of Luciano Pavarotti's
Greatest  Recordings & Performances

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Modena, Italy  October 12, 1935 - September 6, 2007

The pure brilliance and glory of this man's voice happens only once. Not in anyone's lifetime, but only once, in this entire world's existence, ever. It would appear that this was destined long before the great 'Maestro' was ever born. Those of us in this world, when the great Opera Tenor Luciano Pavarotti, born in Modena, Italy, on October 12, 1935...he lived, breathed, spread unconditional joy throughout the entire world, with his larger than life emotion & stage presence, graced the world with his extraordinary, powerful and beautiful voice for more than half of a century and then left the earth's stage, leaving us all in awe of his wonderous talent, always wanting more...we know this. For those who were even more blessed in their lives, to have experienced the magical Pavarotti performances, whether 'live' in Concert, performing around the world, on stage at various Opera Houses, &
with co-star Coloratura Soprano
Joan Sutherland, and/or his many triumpant recordings, we should simply say..."Thank You & may God Bless You, Maestro..."

Here at
Oceanlight Records, treasures of talent and light, we are only a small, but steadfast microcosm of the world's love for this man's musical talents, life's work and his humanitarian gifts to the world.

On stage, his presence said it all...before he began to sing his first note on the stage...simply put,
Luciano Pavarotti brought it. Daring, decisive and delightful...Mr. Pavarotti as a performer, was given the gifts of all of these natural elements & more... the warm resounding timbre, the bigness, yet tender vibrato and dynamics of his voice, the expressive emotions, the great communicator through some of the world's most prolific and legendary Opera, Classical & Pop Composers of our time...from Puccini's breathtaking Aria,'Nessun dorma' from the famed Opera, 'Turandot', to Verdi's 'Un ballo in maschera', to great Italian love songs with Mancini & more...

Pavarotti's lifelong and well documented love affair of performing with endless Orchestras, legendary Conductors, and Opera Production Companies, worldwide...or conversely, the Orchestras' and the Opera Casts, including the famed New York Metropolitan Opera ...'twas their collective love affair with Luciano Pavarotti... either way,
it can't possibly be
explained to the more critical or technical ear, and yet, the most natural of evolution takes center stage between
Mr. Pavarotti and his 'live' Audiences, and brings one's pure love of music to its most divine moment & collaboration... from Legendary Conductors Zubin Mehta to James Levine & so many more...

Mr. Pavarotti's humanitarian work, around the world, is equally celebrated, with The 'Pavarotti & Friends' Concert Series, helping many children and communities in need, Mr. Pavarotti invited many fellow Artists to perform 'live' with him, thus creating worldwide excitement and purpose, through art & Friends.
The gift of music,
Pavarotti & Friends helped to change thousands; if not, millions of people's lives. He also helped many young up and coming Tenors, by giving Master Classes. Can a young Singer of any musical origin,  imagine having the great Pavarotti as a Teacher for the day?

3 Tenors...Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras & Luciano Pavarotti... teamed up together on stage, for what would be an unprecedented and historic event. A musical celebration of the top 3 world class Tenors, performing 'live' on the Rome, Paris & Los Angeles premier stages. Together, they all brought the house down at every Concert... from 'O sole mio' to Christmas classics. With Tenors...Placido's open vocal charm, Jose's buoyant lyric voice, Pavarotti gladly joined in to perform with these 2 world-renowned Tenors...
for All!

Luciano Pavarotti lived life to the fullest! He used his God given talents wisely and gallantly...Modena, Italy's son's travels have been far and wide, reaching out to and touching all walks of life, just by the bravery of his voice, and from the love and encouragement of his Family. Born to Fernando and Adele Pavarotti. Luciano's Father was also a Tenor who sang in the charming and quaint Italia Modena Village. As a young man, Luciano also loved helping his Father at the bakery, but Football was a strong passion of Luciano's, as he played on the team with sheer exuberance and success... However, his love of singing won out, performing with the church choir and his Father Fernando, who surrounded the young Pavarotti with some of the great Italian Tenors' recordings... from Beniamino Gigli, to the one and only Enrico Caruso... & let's not for get Luciano's amazement after seeing Mario Lanza in film, which surely influenced Luciano from a crossover standpoint. 
Luciano Pavarotti was in awe of these great Artists, but was mainly influenced by his idol and favorite Tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano.
And so it was, that with the best Singers and Composers... Luciano's Father used this as the planting of this wonderful seed for the young Pavarotti, to grow into, as he started on his journey to become a Professional Singer. Throughout Pavarotti's life's travels and soaring rise to becoming one of the most celebrated Tenors, with endless standing ovations and 'bravos' around the world, the multi-faceted and extraordinary life of the great Luciano Pavarotti, would come full circle, later in life, as his health issues would begin to take it's tow. In the midst of Pavarotti's final 'Farewell Tour', as he was ready to retire, then approaching the age of 70. Spending what would be the final period of his life, it is
therefore fitting and natural that this would be a godsend and comfort to him and his Family and loved ones, in his hometown of Modena, Italy... that he would live out his final days where the music and love was first nurtured. He fought with renewed vigor to the end, as only Luciano Pavarotti can do, but he peacefully succumbed to his illness and left this world on September 6, 2007 in his hometown.

The funeral of
Luciano Pavarotti at the Modena, Cathedral, in Italy... with the Italian Air Force flying over the procession, with many Stars and Official Dignitaries from all over the world, paying respect to the Pavarotti Family and Luciano's heart, soul & people of Modena, Italy...where he grew, loved and began his life. The  great Tenor suffered no more with his illness, but instead left us with his smiles, music and tears, and yet still...'the Joy of Music!'

We hope that all visitors can enjoy some highlights of this Artist's greatest recordings & performances, on this page and the new fans can learn more about this Legendary Artist, with us just by sharing this
Oceanlight Records Artists Tribute Cove Monthly moment!

Luciano Pavarotti's Official Website, as we have also provided more  biographical links and discography information, below, about the life and career of Luciano Pavarotti.

Oceanlight Records commentary.
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All rights reserved.

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"If  you're really careful
and feel that Aria,
then you can be 
totally free..."
 Luciano Pavarotti

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