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We'd like to Welcome the
incomparable and elegant Grammy-winning Vocalist and consummate Pianist 
Mr. Freddy Cole!
...of his multi-acclaimed Solo CD' name a few from...
"Rio de Janeiro Blue,"
"Le Grand Freddy,"
"In the Name of Love,"
to his
"This Love of Mine,"
 "Because Of You,"
  "Music Maestro Please,"
"Love Makes The Changes"
and his latest "Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B" celebrated CD.
Freddy Cole,
the romantic Jazz Vocalist shimmers and shines with the utmost of legendary recordings in his Career...
including his Special Guest Appearance on the track, "I'm Not Alone (Anjo De Mim)"
from the "A Love Affair:
The Music Of Ivan Lins"
CD on
Telarc Records,
Produced brilliantly by Keyboardist extraordinaire
Jason Miles.

In this OL Interview,
we would introduce that Mr. Cole,
coming from the musical dynasty,
that of his Brother Legend Nat "King" Cole, and Uncle of the dynamic Singer
Natalie Cole,
would also be a wonderful highlight during this Interview,
but make no mistake about it,
as Mr. Freddy Cole performs in his song,
"I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me"
... And respectfully, we couldn't agree more. With that said....we'd like to welcome
Mr. Cole
to OL.... and thank you, Mr. Cole, for giving us and all of the OL Site Visitors, for what will be a 7-part Interview on the Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
for the entire week of November 28, 2010 &
a bonus week of Dec. 5th as well. It's truly terrific having You here for all of our
OL Viewers...
thank you and welcome... You've just celebrated a birthday last month.
Happy Birthday!

Freddy Cole:
Yeah, how about that! I made one more...
& thank you for having me.

Thank You, Mr. Cole.
We finally got You here onboard OL,
as we know You've just returned from an onboard Jazz Cruise Tour in Florida.
So we'd like to thank You for taking the time out for our OL Visitors, for what has been well worth the wait.

Okay, let's get started... Mr. Cole,
let's go back to your musical beginnings & your hometown...
You were born Lionel Frederick Cole,
to Edward and Paulina Nancy Cole.
the youngest sibling of musicians
in your Family?

Freddy Cole:
Yes, that's right.

Freddy, with music all around You,
growing up in Chicago,
You couldn't help but be influenced.
You started playing the piano at age 5?

Freddy Cole:
Yes, somewhere in there,
around 5 or 6 years old. I started banging around you know, as kids would do.
 But that was just about the age, yeah.

We ask this question, as some Artists would like to recall & share... Do You remember the first song that You played on the piano?

Freddy Cole:
I can't hardly remember my name, now...
[Mr. Cole laughing]...
No, I remember the first... if You want to call it a major solo or something that I did. When I was going from Elementary School to Junior High School,
I sang 'The Lord's Prayer'. That was my first endeavor at performing. The first job that
I got paid for, I made $25,
and I thought I was rich!

Wonderful... Not only did You come from a musical Family dynasty, but also throughout your youth, the Cole Family home had its share of distinguished visitors, such as...
Duke Ellington, Count Basie,
Lionel Hampton,
Fletcher Henderson
and many other
world-renowned Artists?

Freddy Cole:
Well, that was the 'Who's Who' of
Show Business...
but to me, at my age,
at that time, I wasn't in awe of any of them you know, they were good friends of my Brother's. They would be in Chicago,
doing a Gig or something. They'd come by the house and get a meal, or come by and they would be hanging out, you know, with my Brothers and what have you...

So what You're saying,
is that they were just part of the Family?

Freddy Cole:
Yes, as far as I'm concerned. And when I got older and would start traveling within
New York,
I'd credit these individuals,
you know,  like Sonny Greer, Milt Hinton... people of that stature, they kept me on the straightened path you know... in line as you would say, in New York.
That City can overwhelm you.

Yes, for sure. But your great Artist friends took You under their wings, so-to-speak?

Freddy Cole:
A lot of people come there with great talent and great aspirations and had to leave.

Respectfully Mr. Cole, You definitely were no less than the great Artists and talent that You were surrounded by. New York loves a great talent like yours to this day.
With music as a way of life for You...
tell us Freddy, about your love for Football and how this almost became your profession, later on in your youth?

Freddy Cole:
Well, you know, I had aspirations.
I use to play a lot of Football in High School and all like that. In fact, I was an All-State Football Player and I was in line to receive several Scholarships to play ball,
but I got hurt and so that was the end of that. But I still love the game...
I really love the game of Football.

You told us that You were just watching the Monday Night Football recently.
Did your team win? Who's your team?

Freddy Cole:
Oh yeah, I watched Michael Vick,
they took care of the Redskins last night. That was amazing!

Tell us about the influence that your Parents had on You, Freddy,
as it relates to your music Career, now?

Freddy Cole:
Well, you know that's an easy question to answer. My Parents supported all of us, because you know, all of us are Musicians. My Father used to say that 'Every tub has it's own bottom... You sit on yours and let your Brothers sit on theirs' ... You do what you gotta do. So that's been my way of living throughout, so far...

Well said... During this week, we here at OL, look forward to covering many highlights of the great longevity and many accolades of your Career, Freddy... tell us about the influence that Jazz Singer
Legend Mr. Billy Eckstine
had on You
as an Artist?

Freddy Cole:
Well, first of all, Mr. B. was a
wonderful person and a great
 Entertainer you know, he was a hell of an Entertainer... and he was actually our first Balladeer. He broke through and he had a style that was very different and he was a very fine Musician.
There's so many accolades that you can put on him, but like a song he used to sing, called..."If I never sing another song...
or take another bow...I've had my fame,
you know my name..."
And that's just what Billy Eckstine was...
"I Am A Singer"
...that was the name of the song...

That's a wonderful tribute Mr. Cole.
Your latest CD "Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B"
is truly a heartfelt musical gem.

Freddy Cole:
Thank you.

Tell us about the beautiful and quiet opening acoustic-styled track,
"Tender is the Night"
on the
"Freddy Sings Mr. B"

Freddy Cole:
Well, you know, once you do a record date, you've got a lot of things to worry about. Sequencing of them is very difficult,
and we all just took our shot at doing it....
and that song ended up being the one that opens the CD.

It's beautiful! We just love the way it opens with that very soft acoustic sound that
You're so synonymous with.

Freddy Cole:
Yeah, the Musicians on that CD...
including Randy, Curtis,
 Houston, di Martino &
We just had fun.
We finished the CD one session ahead
of time, because we didn't need as
much time as they booked.
We went in and took care of business;
we were prepared when we went in.

How long were You working on this CD, "Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B?"

Freddy Cole:
We did that in two days.
But like I said, we were preparing
while we were on the road.
Arranger and Guitarist
Randy Napoleon

and I were sitting up half the night,
you know, most nights after we
got off from work,
we were in Japan,
we working on a lot of those songs.
So when we got to the record date,
we just passed the stuff out
 and everything was good.

We wish You all the best with this CD,
Mr. Cole.
We want to see You take home many Grammy's.

Freddy Cole:
I hope so.

What would be your favorite song on this
Billy Eckstine tribute CD?
Would that be a fair question to ask?

Freddy Cole:
That's a fair question to ask, but at different times, different ones have been my favorite.  He did so many wonderful songs,
and that was the real fun about
doing this album.
We had a chance to look at so many great songs, the material was there.
But I'm kind of torn between this one tune, called "Portrait" and "Pretty One."
But the "Cottage For Sale,"  you can't take a back seat to it. So it would be very difficult for me to pick just one and stay with it.

Yes, but You highlighted some of your favorites and that's great. It's always good to know what goes on in Artist's mind, in terms of what they would like to perform.

Freddy Cole:
Yeah... the one that we're getting the
most reaction from is "Jelly Jelly."

Thank you very much Mr. Cole,
for coming on as our Special Guest Artist.
Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this
Interview 1 of 7 segment?

Freddy Cole:
Everybody's gotta have a touch of the Blues!

We look forward tomorrow in Part 2 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where we get to talk about Grammy Vocalist Legend Freddy Cole coming to the Big Apple, playing at the Birdland & more...!
Thank you Mr. Cole.
We'll see you tomorrow!

And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Hello OL Visitors.. we'd like to welcome back the one and only Grammy-winning Vocalist Entertainer, Mr. Freddy Cole!... to today's Part 2 of 7 Interview, where we travel with
Mr. Cole,
behind the scenes of what goes into some of his 'live' shows and the makings of his classic recordings & more...
so here we go!

Hello once again, Mr. Cole...
You will be performing in New York, soon?

Freddy Cole:
Yeah, we'll be in there at Birdland
on December 21 through the 25th.

We're getting some tickets this week,
we can't wait to see that show!

Freddy Cole:
Well, okay!

Speaking of touring,
What are some of your places to tour,
Mr. Cole?

Freddy Cole:
Ah  well, I've been doing it so long. You do have
favorite places. We always get a kick out of playing Paris. One year, we played all of the major Capitals in the world...
Paris, London, New York,
Los Angeles, Rio, Tokyo...

Freddy Cole:
You know, we played all of those places in the same year. But you know, we do a lot of International travel. So it's quite exciting,
in the most part. Right now, the only thing that I'm not so crazy about the traveling, is the security stuff you have to go through.

Freddy Cole:
Sitting in the Airports 3 and 4 hours, you know
changing planes, especially over there in Europe, it becomes a drag, but this is what we do. So I tell the guys often, I said,
 "Well, you wanted to be a
Musician, so here we are."

That's par for the course, right?

Freddy Cole:
[Mr. Cole, laughing] That's right!
Be careful what you wish for!

Ah, that's right... Now speaking of 'course',
we understand that You like to play a little Golf there, in between your shows?

Freddy Cole:
Yeah, I love to play, you know, but I'm not playing very well, not like I used to. But that's a case of 'you have to practice some and get a chance to get out and play'... and I haven't taken the opportunity,
like I normally would have...
I use to play 2 or 3 days a week,
maybe 4. But now, I'm lucky to get out
and play golf, once or twice a month.
But I still have fun, I've got a group of guys that I play with and we have a lot of fun.

That's great, Mr. Cole. It's always good to have fun in between your shows too, right?

Freddy Cole:
Oh yeah

And now, speaking of shows, we did get a chance to see You a few years back,
when You performed at the Carnegie Hall,
Ivan Lins Tribute?

Freddy Cole:
Oh yeah, that was a good show.

It was wonderful and we have to tell You,
 Mr. Cole... when You came on stage
[to paraphrase one of your featured Songs during this OL Interview],
'You Could Hear A Pin Drop'.
It was absolutely beautiful,
when you sang 'I'm Not Alone'...

Freddy Cole:
Yes, that one of Ivan's good tunes.
That was a good record.

We notice that You do sing a lot of
Bossa Nova styled music in your Repertoire?

Freddy Cole:
Yes, I'm very fond of Brazilian Music.
It's one of my favorite types of music
in the world. Very touching.
It reaches out and touches someone...
Brazilian Singers, I think, have a knack for that.
They just reach out and touch you,
 and grab you.

For sure, Mr. Cole. You definitely take it, embrace it and make it your own...
We wanted to ask You about your recording of
'This Love Of Mine'.
Do You perform this song in a lot of your shows?

Freddy Cole:
You know, I haven't done it for a while,
but it's a real good song.
Frank Sinatra
was one of the writers
of that song.
And that was a good CD also.
Fathead Newman
was on that date.

That's right...

Freddy Cole:

As for Singer Songwriters...
Do You like to write a lot of your own material, or do You more so cover the Standards
and some of the new material of the
new songs?

Freddy Cole:
Well, I used to write a lot, but no, I don't put much time in it at all,
because I appreciate a song for what it is.

Thank you very much Mr. Cole, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this
OL Interview
2 of 7 segment?

Freddy Cole:
Whether I write the song, or
whoever writes it...
it doesn't matter to me.
As long as it's good material!

We look forward to Part 3 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where we get to highlight Grammy Vocalist Legend
Freddy Cole's
many award-winning
and celebrated CD's & more...!
Thank you, Freddy!

And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Hello OL Visitors... we'd like to welcome back the Legendary Balladeer himself,
Mr. Freddy Cole!...
to today's Part 3 of 7 Interview on this day of Dec. 5, 2010, where we talk Family and Recording Session talk with Freddy Cole!

Now Mr. Cole, we had a chance to
work with You, right here on
 Oceanlight Records, recording at
Bennett Studios
in New Jersey,
as You recorded what is now the theme song, "Timeless Dance",
now featured on the Screen Media Films WEDDING BROS., now on DVD. You brought in on the session, to join with some of our other booked celebrated Musicians, such as
"Mr. Magic's"
Songwriting Legend and Bassist  Bill Salter, Ashford & Simpson touring Guitarist Dave Chun, adding your wonderful
Jazz Pianist
with You, John di Martino.

Also on 'Timeless Dance',
at an earlier session, the treasured
Brazilian Percussionist Café DaSilva
and string players Nioka Workman
and Marlene Rice on the
Produced Original.

Freddy Cole:
Yes, John and I have been real good friends for a number of years, and I use him every chance I get... and he's also on those dates you just mentioned earlier in this interview,
 "This Love Of Mine,"
Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B",
you know...

Freddy Cole:
John's a real fine Musician and Arranger.
 He just has a touch for playing behind Singers.

A beautiful touch on the piano...
has indeed! We truly enjoyed working with him and look forward to more sessions!

Freddy Cole:
I could play... but it's so much simpler if you've got somebody's that's right there and you can just devote yourself to doing one thing, Singing.

And that's what we loved about the session,
Mr. Cole.
You basically said,
"Look, I'm here to Sing!",
We know that You're a consummate Pianist as well, but we agree, when You're recording, You want to just concentrate on your voice.

Freddy Cole:
That's so right! It's very important.

And that's exactly what you did. It made the theme song, which is featured all throughout the WEDDING BROS. Film, starring Dan Fogler, Brendon Sexton III, Jon Polito,
Patti D'Arbanville
& others. So thank you so much, Mr. Cole for being a part of that.

Freddy Cole:

Okay moving onward, we would be missing a special moment Mr. Cole, if we didn't give a warm tribute to your Brother, the Legendary and beloved Singer, Nat "King" Cole and to Your wonderful Niece, the incredible Singer Natalie Cole. This is a Family Affair,
the Coles...

Freddy Cole:
Thank you! Oh yes! Well, you know all of my Brothers were Musicians. ...And my Brother, Ike, was a very fine Musician as well. He's deceased also. And my older Brother,
in fact, I heard something on satellite the other day about him,
I was just really shocked.

Freddy Cole:
They went back and dug up some of Eddie's old music. He was a beautiful and fantastic Piano Player, he and his Wife had a group called, "The Two Hot Coles." And both of them played piano and sang...
they're very entertaining.

Wow, we'll have to check that out!

Freddy Cole:
My Brother, Nat used to play in Eddie's band, when he started out, you know... and then You spoke about my Niece, Natalie Cole...
well she's doing very well, since she has been recovering from her operation.

Mr. Cole, we send out our prayers to
We're big fans of your Niece.
A few years back, we saw her show at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.
It's clear to see that this wonderful thing
called 'Music', runs in the
Cole Family Dynasty
and naturally, with much love...

All of You...a major inspiration to many Singers... as You, Nat & your entire Family are, Mr. Cole. ...And it's so wonderful to see that Natalie has come through that.

Freddy Cole:
Yes, she's doing very well.

We want to see her back on the road,
singing again, like her Uncle.

Freddy Cole:
[Mr. Cole, laughing happily & as always in great spirits!]

And we want to see You two Sing together. When might that happen?

Freddy Cole:
I don't know. You know, it's been talked about. You know how those things are. If it happens,
it happens.

Well, if and when it does, we have a feeling that the many in the music world will be listening closely, for that moment of that magical musical union! And for sure,
right here at OL!

Thank you very much Mr. Cole, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this OL Interview
3 of 7 segment?

Freddy Cole:
Thank you for having me on the Oceanlight Records "Timeless Dance" Recording Session...

It was an honor to have You on the session at Bennett Studios, Mr. Cole! You made "Timesless Dance" a classic theme song, not only for the WEDDING BROS. Film, but without a doubt for Oceanlight Records... after your session, having made the Brown/Kreuter penned Song your own, with your elegant voice, and presence...
Thank You!

We look forward tomorrow 12/6/10,
in Part 4 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where Freddy Cole gives us a one-word playback on OL's weekly one-word commentary segment of this Interview...
so stay tuned and enjoy!

And thank you all for visiting OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Freddy. It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 4 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.

We're at the segment Interview feature, where we introduce a 'one word'  Interview question to You, Freddy, and if you can please playback a One-word Commentary Note for the OL Visitors, that would be great! Okay,
Mr. Cole
you're up for the swing!

Freddy Cole:
   Crystal... My daughter's name is Crystal Joy.

That's wonderful... okay, next word... 'Golf'?
Freddy Cole:
Tiger Woods

Freddy Cole:
Michael Vick

Freddy Cole:
My Home Town

Freddy Cole:
Joe Comfort...
 He used to play bass with my Brother.

Freddy Cole:

 Freddy Cole Quartet

Freddy Cole:
Nat Cole

Freddy Cole:
Freddy Cole

Freddy Cole:
The Atlanta Falcons

Freddy Cole:

Wonderful, and thank you very much Freddy, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this
OL Interview 4 of 7 segment?

Freddy Cole:

  You've got to feel the Audience out...
You've got to get that feeling.

Thank you, Mr. Cole. We look forward tomorrow in Part 5 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Interview, as Vocalist great, Freddy Cole talks 'live' Shows talk with OL...

And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Hello OL Visitors... we'd like to welcome back Mr. Freddy Cole!... to Part 5 of 7 Interview, with moments on his Song picks for some of Grammy Vocalist Freddy Cole's most celebrated CD's & much more!

Mr. Cole, who were some of the Artists that You listened to, as your Career took off?

Freddy Cole:
Well you know, I'm a big Billie Holiday fan.
Also Billy Eckstine... and even some of the new Artists out there, I enjoy. But I'm not as attached as I once was to some of the older establishments.
I try to enjoy whomever I'm listening to.

Okay... speaking of enjoyment, we love your rendition of 'Gentle Rain' which is on the
 "Because Of You" CD tribute to the great
 Tony Bennett! We see that You really do love the Brazilian sound?

Freddy Cole:
Thank you.. oh yes, that's a great song by
Luiz Bonfá
& Matt Dubey.

Also your tribute CD "Le Grand Freddy" to the great Composer, Michel Legrand?

Freddy Cole:
Yeah, that CD was a lot of fun doing also... with Mike Renzi and those guys, yeah...

We like the choices that You make in picking the music, Mr. Cole. Do You get a list of songs and pick the best ones for You, or do You sit back in advance and think about the songs that You'd like to sing?

Freddy Cole:
I try to get an idea of what I'm trying to present. Then I try to choose songs within that frame, and which ones would be the best to do. It's a lot of fun, as they say... but it's my choice at the end, you know... 
Todd Barkan
and I work together, often...

Freddy Cole:
and he knows the way I think and I know the way that he thinks. So he'll just bring me some songs, or will suggest them to me. If I like it...
I like it. If I don't, then we move on to
something else.

Okay... It's always interesting to know how an Artist puts their albums together. How do You like YouTube, Mr. Cole... in note, your 'live' performance at the piano, singing your song, 'I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me'?

Freddy Cole:
Well, I'm not really in love with YouTube.
 Some videos don't catch you at your best.
 You know what I mean?

Yes, we totally understand. Some of them are good and some of them are not so good.

Freddy Cole:
One time, we were performing in Paris,
and I looked up and you know, it just wasn't cool. But I've seen a couple of other things of mine that were okay, but it's just not fair.

We see your point, Mr. Cole. You never know how a performance will be captured.

Freddy Cole:
Yes, and then on top of that,
the Musicians don't get paid.

Ah, the bottom line, that's right. Well,
the Internet had changed much in the
Music Industry and in general.

Thank you very much Mr. Cole, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this
Interview 5 of 7 segment?

Freddy Cole:
Like our friend, 'Watching You, Watching me' [Mr. Cole laughing, as always, with a great sense of humor!]

We look forward to Part 6 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, highlighting
what's next on Grammy Vocalist Legend Freddy Cole's touring schedule, as he talks also about the Crooners of tomorrow!

And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome back, Mr. Cole!...  it's nice to have You back on again, this being Part 6 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.

What's up for You in the coming New Year 2011, Mr. Cole?

Freddy Cole:
Well, we're going to be very busy, starting in January, back over in Europe. And then we come off of that and we do a Jazz Cruise,
the first week in February and right after that, we're at Dizzy's Coca Cola Jazz Club in
New York,
on February 8th.

You're back in New York in February, great!

Freddy Cole:
Then following there, we're doing the East Coast Jazz Festival in Rockville, Maryland. And then we go right out to the West Coast and doing something in Los Angeles and outside of Seattle, Washington.

Freddy Cole:
We go into Japan, over in March. So as the old saying that goes "January and February,
we can March on through!"

We like that, Mr. Cole...
We have to remember that one, that's great!

Freddy Cole:
Yeah...Rogers used to say that.

Thanks for sharing your Tour Itenerary with us, Mr. Cole. Everyone should see You in Concert at least once in their lifetime. As we are nearing the end of this week's OL Interview, certainly not talking with You, again...

We'd like to ask You on what advice would You give for the up and coming Crooners today,
who want to follow in Your footsteps?

Freddy Cole:
Well you know, like one of those lines in that song, 'Give your all, or not at all!' Just do the best that you can, and don't get hung up in a lot of unnecessary talk about who can sing, or who can play... who can't do this, or who can't do that. That's wasted energy.

Thank you very much Mr. Cole, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this
Interview 6 of 7 segment?

Freddy Cole:
You take care of yourself, because you could be so busy about worrying about somebody else and you'll miss your blessing!

In the closing segment of this week's Interview, part 6 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, Grammy Vocalist Legend Freddy Cole's will give his closing commentary on where 'Live Music' is today for Balladeers!
Thank you Freddy. We'll see you soon!

And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Freddy! It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 7 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.
As we have come to the closing segment of this 2 week Special Interview feature,
would first like to thank You, Freddy, for giving OL a wonderful Interview and for spending some of your time with us, in between Your touring. We shall always cherish these special moments Interviewing You, Mr. Cole.
If you will, please give us your closing liner note thoughts on where 'Live Music'
is today for Balladeers?
Thank you.

Freddy Cole:
Well you know, music is just like you're buying a pair of shoes. Some people like brown shoes, some people like black shoes. Some like sandals and what have you...
But it should be to your personal taste.
If you like it, then it's alright with me.

Freddy Cole:
I'm very, very happy that things are going well for OL, and I look to see you all in New York at my concert. Until then, tell your listeners to keep hope alive and keep Jazz Alive!

A whisper here, a whisper there...
and its never been whispered so musicially, softly and elegantly by Vocalist Legend
Mr. Freddy Cole,
himself. To be on this beautiful planet, at the same time,
while the synergy of Freddy Cole's Voice travels throughout the Universe and into our hearts, well that's a blessing in itself!

Mr. Freddy Cole...
one of the most down-to-earth Singers that we've ever heard, and yet his sound reaches far beyond any rainbow colors of magic and mystery! One of our great Balladeers, ever! Thank You Freddy, for spending some time with us at OL.
We wish for You... timeless peace, love,
Music and lots of golf!

Thank you, to Grammy Vocalist great Freddy Cole, and thank you All for visiting OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Playlist samples:
Grammy Jazz Legend

1. I'm Not Alone (Anjo de Mim) -  Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins CD
2. Rio de Janeiro Blue - Rio de Janeiro Blue CD
3. I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me - I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me CD
4. Invitation - Rio de Janeiro Blue CD
5. This Love of Mine - This Love of Mine CD
6. The Gentle Rain - (Because of You CD)
7. Jelly Jelly - (Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B)
8. Portrait - (Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B)
9. You Could Hear A Pin Drop - (Music Maestro Please)
10. I Will Wait For You - (Le Grand Freddy)
11. Timeless Dance (Sweethearts - Multi-Artist Pop Hits CD)
Special Guest Artist Online Interview Feature...
Original  OL Records Artist Interview: 11/28/10 - 12/4/10

Charles Calello &
     Engelbert Humperdinck
Charlie with Sandy Linzer
Frankie Valli
Charlie & Bob Gaudio
Charlie's Father
Pasquale Calello
OL Quote Pick of the Guest Artist's Interview!

You take care of yourself, because you could be so busy about worrying about somebody else and you'll miss your blessing!"

...Freddy Cole
A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins CD
Rio de Janeiro Blue CD
I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me
This Love of Mine CD
Because of You CD
Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B  CD
Music Maestro Please CD
Le Grand Freddy CD
Freddy Cole sings "Timeless Dance" Theme Song from the Film "WEDDING BROS." from the SWEETHEARTS Multi-Artist Pop Hits CD, Vol.1