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We'd like to Welcome the one and only
Phil Perry, R&B Soul Singer Living Legend,
of his celebrated CD's 'Ready For Love', 'Magic' 'One Heart One Love',
'My Book Of Love', 'The Heart Of A Man', 'The Gift Of Love', 'Pure Pleasure'
so much more, to the OL Oceanliner Notes Weekly feature as our Special Guest Artist!

Welcome Phil, and thank you for giving us
and all of the OL Site Visitors, for what will be a 7-part Interview on the
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
for the entire week of August 15, 2010.
Once again, thank you and welcome...  

Phil Perry:
Thank you for extending the invitation!  

Our excitement of having You on this
OL Interview,
can barely be contained,
Mr. Perry.
But then, we can't help it.
You are R&B Soul Royalty; so let us first honor and say 'Thank You', Phil Perry,
for filling so many hearts with love and joy, worldwide for so long.
Simply first, how are You?   

Phil Perry:
I'm well.  I've been doing some isolated dates with Norman Brown, writing some new material with Barry Eastmond and
Garry Brown,
so I'm staying busy. 
I did an engagement recently in San Francisco in the Rrazz Room in the Hotel Nikko,
 as part of the Angela Bofill Experience,
with Maysa Leak and Dave Valentin; and that was a lot of fun. In fact, on October 8th,
I'll join Angela and Maysa again in New York City for another Angela Bofill Experience
on a cruise ship.     

You've been wowing Audiences worldwide and setting the Record Industry on fire for over 40 + years. As the OL Viewers follow You, yet on another venture, can You please Phil, take us back to your beginning roots
as a Professional Singer?   

Phil Perry:
 My roots in music are firmly planted in R&B.
 I grew up in the MidWest in East St. Louis, Illinois, and I was very fortunate to be exposed to lots of different styles of music. Then after becoming a member of the Montclairs, I was thrust into composition and arranging responsibilities at an early age.
So I guess it was a wonderful beginning.  

With a such a naturally gifted, soulful and powerful voice like yours, it's very clear,
that you were born to sing and uplift so many, from the very start. Who was your very first audience to ever witness this
for themselves?  

Phil Perry:
Other than my immediate family,
I'd have to say my first audience was the good people who came to midnight mass,
at St. Elizabeths Church.  When I was about 8 or 9 years old, one of the older boys in the choir couldn't sing and so I got the opportunity to sing the lead.   

Phil Perry:
When my Grandmother heard my voice,
she stood up and turned around to face me because the boys choir was in the rear of the church, and by the end of the song, the whole congregation had joined her and stood up.  My first solo performance at mass got a standing ovation!

 Before your illustrious Solo Career began, You sang lead with the Vocal Group,
The Montclairs.
Can you take us back there for a moment and your memories with them?

Phil Perry:
It was a time for lots of proving of myself. There were lots of challenges.
Rehearsals were very intense because some of the members worked, so the schedule was very unpredictable.  It gave me the opportunity to write and arrange, so it was a great tutorial, but the group dynamic was difficult for all of us.  Multiple personalities,
and different opinions and thoughts about goals...was difficult. It was where things began, but it wasn't meant to be where they ended. Overall, I can't imagine how I would have wound up on the road I have traveled on without the Montclairs. In spite of the challenges it presented to me, I can't think of a better start for my lifes' work.  

In addition to your great song originals that we all enjoy today (and we'll talk much about all throughout the Interview this week),
You were also writing music during your days with the Montclairs and had such hits in the 70's as "Dreamin's Out of Season" and
"Begging's Hard to Do."
In general, how
do you feel Phil, about the new
Radio Formats today, compared to when you first started out with the Montclairs?   

Phil Perry:
When I started out, radio was community based, so you'd hear local D.J.'s playing the music which was being requested by the folks right there in the community.  There was greater support for local groups and singers, and of course, since there was a line of division between 'black and white' radio, soul/R&B music was greatly supported by black people.

Phil Perry:
Groups were popular and people could go to a local theater and see fabulous stage shows featuring those groups.  Radio was more supportive and responsive to the people
back then, as well.  

Phil Perry:
As we moved more into the mainstream,
 we began to change the names of the genre, and we got away from the words 'soul' and 'R&B'... and even though I have a jazz style,
I am still very comfortable with the R&B/Soul label, because that's what I sing. Those are the roots I cultivated musically.  Jazz is Jazz, and I can sing and write classic Jazz standards, too; but where in radio nowadays would that be heard?  

Phil Perry:
Smooth Jazz is like instrumental R&B, primarily musicians, with very few singers mixed in.  But when you say R&B or Soul, you immediately think of Singers.
'Know what I mean?
But nowadays, it all falls under the category of Smooth Jazz, and that can be somewhat confusing to those of us from the Old School.  Fortunately, satellite formats are allowing people to have more choices, and that has been great for me and
others in my genre, since you seldom hear artists li'e us on the radio anymore.
I can remember a time when I was being repeatedly criticized for not being radio friendly, even though I have recorded digitally since my first solo album. While managers wanted me to change my style,
I never did.  My style is the same as its always been, from way back when I was a teen.
They can call it what they want. As long as
I have the chops, as an Artist, I will always be who I am, singing what I sing, how I sing, and for the reason I sing; to keep romantic music alive.  It's simply what I do, and it seems that folks really like it.

We couldn't agree more, Phil...
From Illinois to California, You made that move, and as recording for Capitol Records, the rest is, as we say "L.A. History"!
It didn't take long for You to become one of the most sought after Singers in the Record Industry; recording all kinds of wonderful Vocal tracks on endless numbers of A-list Recording Artists' and Entertainers' Albums, even to this day. Can you share with us Phil, your dynamic Recording Vocal Technique, when you're doing background vocals
 in the Studio?  

Phil Perry:
I like the sound of textured background vocals, so I lie to stack different interpretations of the same part.
 Once I feel what I hear, I stack accordingly.  

Though there are so many to choose from, can you please for us, Phil, rattle off some of your favorite Recording Sessions, when you've recorded with other Artists?  

Phil Perry:
I really enjoyed the ensemble productions like George Duke's FAME session,
Lee Ritenour
and the GRP All-Stars

When Don Grusin invited me to join
project, it actually pulled me out of my post 911 depression, because I had been scheduled to sing two concerts at the WTC that day, during the lunch hour, just as
I had for many the years before that day.
My 5th album MAGIC was also being released that day. Needless to say, the album was forgotten while the country grieved. 
I grieved as well, because I performed many shows there, and there were special people who worked in those Towers, who always came down to hear me.

Phil Perry:
It was rough and something happened to my spirit and so I didn't record for over 5 years after the attack. Then THE HANG came along and pulled me out of my funk, and from that point on, I was cool. It's a great project,
and everyone should check it out.
Phil Perry:
Recording the FOREPLAY LIVE IN SESSION along with Chaka Khan and Philip Bailey,
was also memorable, and from the number of hits on YouTube, I guess others agree as well. I had worked with Chaka before on Quincy Jones THE DUDE album, when I sang background on the duet she sang with
Ray Charles - "I'll Be Good To You."

Phil Perry:
Sometimes I think the reason I didn't reach my stride as a soloist earlier is because
I really didn't mind being in the background,
or part of an ensemble. It took my wife a long time to convince me that I had
solo artist potential.  

In the world of Smooth Jazz, one of OL's favorites is your Guest recording on Guitarist Lee Ritenour's "Earth Run" Album, on the track, "If I'm Dreaming (Don't Wake Me)," with that Earth Wind & Fire, flavor.
 A great recording.
 What was that session like? 

Phil Perry:
Maurice White had already pre-recorded a scratch lead vocal so I just matched his vocal.  It was easy.  

And now, as no surprise, pretty much expected by all of your many fans worldwide, your Solo Career, Phil, has taken off so nicely over the years, and has been soaring in the air ever since. Starting with
"The Heart Of The Man"
CD, on the
Capitol Records
label. Your own cover of Aretha Franklin's "Call Me" is brilliant.
How did you come to pick that song
for this album?  

Phil Perry:
Aretha Franklin's 1st single on Arista as a song I had written with Chuck Jackson called "United Together." That same album also featured three other songs I'd written with Chuck (Together Again,
Take Me With You & School Days).

Phil Perry:
"Call Me" was my way of thanking Aretha for giving me that once in a lifetime opportunity. It's really a huge blessing to have the
Queen of Soul
record four of your songs!   

On "The Heart Of The Man" CD, you're also covering Producer David Foster's Pop Ballad classic "The Best of Me," as he also an Arranger on this CD.
What was it like to work with him?  

Phil Perry:
Well, David wasn't in the studio when
I recorded the vocal on 'The Best of Me',
but later I had the good fortune of traveling to Japan with him and
Lee Ritenour.
His musicality blew me away, and it was quite an experience to perform with him in a 'Live' setting.   

Phil, as we travel through all of your great Discography of all of your CD's, throughout this week; we'd like to ask You for each CD, what was your shining inspiration to record,
 'The Heart Of The Man' and what was your favorite track on this CD?  

Phil Perry:
The Heart of the Man was my 'coming out' as a solo artist. Something I had never even thought of before (really!), but my wife Lillian and Bobby Colomby, who signed me to Capitol, saw the Artist in me.  Of all the songs on the album, I like 'Say Anything'
the most, because she sang background on it,
and the song was/is...
where our relationship has been for the last 25 years. 'Say anything you want to me, but don't say goodbye' That's a heavy lyric Robbie Nevel wrote, and it describes our 'staying power' as a couple.  

Thank you Phil. We look forward tomorrow in Part 2 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, as R&B Soul Legend Singer...
Phil Perry,
shares more liner notes on the making of his latest CD Singles.  

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist! We'll see you tomorrow! And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Phil. It's good to be in touch with You again, this being Part 2 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes
 Weekly Series.
Thank you once again.  

First off, we'd like to congratulate You,
Mr. Perry,
on your nomination as

 We are all excited for You, as your stellar Career, is honored as well, in the Jazz world, for sharing with us, the gift of your tremendous Voice and Talents...Congratulations!  

Phil Perry:
Thank you!  I consider it an honor to be nominated, and in the company of such fine vocalists and musicians.  

Phil, as we listen this week to the rotation of some of your greatest hits throughout your Career; in all honesty, it was hard for us to pick from so many hits and then present them in this Interview as sample clips. We just didn't want to leave out anything, because there are so many wonderful vocal surprises and endless moments of great explosive emotion, that you thrill the listeners' hearts with, from beginning to end. Your latest Solo CD READY FOR LOVE on Shanachie Records, is so passionate. For All true romantics at heart... Signature Phil Perry The Singer!
You co-wrote much of the material with Chris "Big Dog" Davis on this project.
 What was the songwriting process like?

Phil Perry:
Well, Chris would play the track and give me the hook that he was hearing.  The melodies were always present, so at certain places I'd alter them a bit, for more of a vocal feel. 
In the recording process, I like to start with the background vocals, to create a bed, and establish melody.  Seems to build faster that way, especially when I co-compose.

When picking material for your albums in general, do You try out different combinations of songs and sit with them for awhile, or do you prefer to add new songs, building the album slowly?
Phil Perry:
That depends on the direction of the project...where to add vulnerability...
when to be passionate...where to be understated.  All these key elements are only determined by the material and the artist.  I've recorded both ways,
and enjoyed both approaches.

The track 'Shine On Me' on the
"Ready For Love"
CD, has a nice mid-tempo easy flow feel it...and we believe that all of the ladies will agree, that your vocals on this track have a seductive laid-back hook, especially in the choruses.  

As we all know & love that element of surprise on your lead vocals, in general,
so when you record a song, do you have a set vocal arrangement in how the background vocals should play out?

Phil Perry:
Hooks (titles) should always be reinforced!  As every hook is different, so must every approach to every song be.  There are always more than one way to accomplish your goals.  

On your cool cover version Bacharach & David's classic, 'Walk On By', has a new cutting edge slow funk-type arrangement, that almost dictates the hypnotic lower register of your voice. So with your multi-octive voice and wonderful range, what goes into picking the perfect key for You, Phil?

Phil Perry:
It's more the perfect Groove than the perfect Key!  The loop created in the rhythm track helps to lock the lead vocal into the groove.  I'm a believer in locking into the groove. 
The key will take care of itself,
depending on the melody.  

Do You have a favorite track on your
 "Ready For Love" CD?

Phil Perry:
'Shelter of Your Heart' is my favorite, 'cause it reminds me that Love should be a sanctuary of tranquility.

Much of the songs you sing go right to the heart of the matter; uncovering mysteries and dances, with all of love's twists and turns, that is... Not only is the gift in your voice, but your ability to tell the listener exactly who the character is, in a song such as the opening track, "I'm Sorry,"
on your ONE HEART, ONE LOVE CD. With a fantastic string intro, the song arrangement is about the space that You need to sing and plead your case to your love, and then it builds and climaxes from there, simply asking to be 'forgiven'. How important is it, Phil,
to also be able to show one's
vulnerability in a song?

Phil Perry:
The vulnerability of a vocal performance is the peak of believability the listener has. 
I'd have to say that it's the MOST important characteristic in the performance.

When a new song is presented to You for the first time, what's the first thing that you look for when listening to a new song?

Phil Perry:
I look for MYSELF in a song.  I look for ME. 
I have to hear a life experience that I can relate to...something that I can maybe bring a personal insight to.

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this OL Interview
2 of 7 segment?

Phil Perry:
I'd just like to compliment you on your choice of songs for this series of interviews.  As I was listening to the playlist on the page, I was reminded just how good those songs really are.   

Phil Perry:
 You might not understand this, but I am as amazed at what comes out of me,
as everyone else.  I look at 'that guy' singing and I think... he's pretty darn good!

Thank you Phil. We look forward tomorrow in Part 3 of this 7 part
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
as R&B Soul Legend Singer... Phil Perry, shares more liner notes on his treasured
'Live Shows & Recordings.  

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist! We'll see you tomorrow! And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Phil. It's good to be in your company again, this being Part 3 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. Thank you once again.
Not just your Peers, but when the Fans are included in the mix of supporting You in nomination for the 'Best Male Vocalist'
that makes it all the more special...  

Phil Perry:
 I appreciate the votes of confidence from the people who listen to my music,
because they have no political agenda. 
They just want to see me get some recognition after all these years. 
It's really very humbling because it represents the grassroots, and not the music moguls who have different agendas.  

"THE HEART OF THE MAN," the first of your celebrated Solo CD's..this one on the
Blue Note/Capitol  Label...
You have an
all-star cast of top L.A. based Musicians on this, Phil, where You first lift off on the
dance-styled opening track "Amazing Love." How 'Amazing' did it feel to go Solo,
after years of building your Career as a Background Session Singer?
Before you share that with us, 
we would All like to thank your wife, Lillian, for taking the time to 'convince You,
Mr. Perry,
of your Solo potential',
as you mentioned earlier in this Interview. So, Thank You Mrs. Perry!...
And for help making this OL Interview happen!...a true blessing indeed...

Yes! we're back to You did it feel to step out in front for the first time,
as a Solo Artist?  

Phil Perry:
 The first time I did a solo show at a club in Santa Monica in December of 1985,
I was so nervous, that I had to ask my wife, Lillian, to join me and sing with me in the show.  I couldn't go on stage alone. 
So with a month old baby in her arms (Joseph) she and I sang a duet,
 a Whitney Houston song
('You Give Good Love').

Phil Perry:
Then she left the stage to go breast feed our son, and there I was alone on the stage for the first time.  Once I sang the first solo,
it was easy, and each time it became easier and easier.  She was a blessing because
I didn't think of myself as a solo artist...
I was a group guy...a background singer...
a studio rat. And although she later came back to sing her own solo in the show - (Minnie Riperton's ''Perfect Angel' with the baby in her arms).  I was still not sure
 if I could continue, but she has been
 my cheerleader since I met her.
 I know it sounds crazy, but I just couldn't do it alone that night.  You must remember that up to that point,
I had never done a show SOLO.  

Again, the Musicians appearing on your first CD "THE HEART OF THE MAN":
from CeCe Winans (vocals); 
to Paul Jackson, Lee Ritenour (guitar);
Ernie Watts, Dave Koz
Don Grusin
(piano, synthesizer);
Gerald Veasley
Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega
to Brenda Russell, (background vocals). Producers including Barry Eastmond...
 Truly, You must have
had a blast, Phil?  

Phil Perry:
Lilly reminded me that it was a very stressful time recording those early albums,
especially the first one.
 We had two youngsters ages 4 and 2,
and one on the way.  I had to work with multiple producers and personalities. 
I had to be gone on promotional tours with little pay and sometimes no income at all.

Phil Perry:
I couldn't make myself available for the recording sessions, which she and I had made a living doing together. The work gradually began to dry up.  I was managed by people who had another major artist, and who kept me on the bench, and only sent me out when a sub was needed for the other act. 
There was always the pressure on me to loose weight, get a toupe' - be a pretty!
I was told over and over that I wasn't
'radio friendly' and that I needed to tone down my performances.
 I'm surprised I even got a record deal (thanks to Bobby Colomby), or that the projects came out as well as they did.
 But Heart of the Man was, by far,
my most difficult project.

As with a new Solo CD,
how long after its release did you start touring with your solo material?  

Phil Perry:
Dave Koz and I were signed around the same time on Capitol Records, and when our albums came out, we were put on tour together in 1991 or so. I can't remember,
which one took us on the road. It was so successful that we did another tour the next year.  One thing that came out of it,
besides the strong respect and love Dave and I have for one another, was the Koz & Perry LIVE AT THE STRAND DVD and album.
 We recorded it in Redondo Beach, the very week my single CALL ME hit #1 on the
R&B charts.
It was a very exciting time for us with our young family; which had by that time grown to three kids, with the birth of Little Philip.   

Where was your first tour stop?  

Phil Perry:
Oh, we were in San Francisco, D.C., Chicago, Dallas, and New York. I can't remember all of the places...but Lill keeps all of the itineraries, so you might want to ask her.  She's the official Phil Perry biographer!    

And today, as You continue to perform 'live' to sold-out shows all over the world. As hard as it may be, since you have so many to choose from... share with us, one of your favorite concerts [looking back], that you performed at and just said  'Wow',
I had the best time ever?

Phil Perry:
I am a blessed man for there are so many times I've said those words.  I seem to enjoy the LIVE performances caught on tape or DVD as I get older. YouTube blows me away, because my whole career seems to have been captured throughout the years.
The ones that come to mind are not my own concerts necessarily,  

Phil Perry:
but rather the ones where I am with
'the cats', like the ones with Lee Ritenour, George Duke, or Don & Dave Grusin.
That's where I have fun. 
was great because there were so many great musicians on those gigs, and more than that, they were friends that
 I had so much fun with off stage.   

Producer Legend Quincy Jones invited You to perform at The SuperJam Tour in the early 80's and then he introduced You to work with Singer Entertainer Paul Anka for several years as well.

The one and only "Q" has played a role in many successful Artists' Careers, including Yours. Can you share with us, your story of when You first met and worked with the incredible Quincy Jones?  

Phil Perry:
Rehearsing for the SuperFests was incredible, just to be a part of an ensemble in which every member was a Heavy Weight on their instrument demanded my dedication, and all of my best effort.  "Q" gave me a shot at movie scores and from that I was able to join the Screen Actors Guild.   

Phil Perry:
He allowed me many opportunities that have now become legendary; like singing background for Chaka Khan and Ray Charles on 'I'll Be Good to You' (The Dude album).  Actually, Q introduced me to
Lee Ritenour,
and my good friend
James Ingram
introduced me to Q. 
(James, Howard Hewett
and I had
recorded backgrounds together,
including the vocals on Carl Carlton's
'Bad Mamma Jamma'). Michele Colombier
is the man who introduced me to Paul Anka who I worked with for 2 years.  Man! It seems like a lifetime a dream...
but I did it.  It really happened.
 In short, those were experiences
that I will cherish forever.  

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this OL Interview
3 of 7 segment?  

Phil Perry:
I'd just like to say that I never thought more highly of myself than I should, because there are a lot of people out there who can sing.  I'm just a guy who does what I do. But this is ALL I do.  I can't do anything except this.
I never thought of myself as somebody who would EVER be considered a Star (much to Lilly's frustration since we
had four children and bills), but I'm just wired differently.  I think at some point GOD decided that I needed a cheerleader, and he brought me someone who would hang in there with me, even though she didn't really understand why I was so content with being under the radar.  She and I got married after knowing each other less than four months, and no one thought we would last. I guess it helps that she knew the business and had been on the road with great singers.
She understood and loved the hustle,
and if you're going to last in this business, you really need someone who believes that you've got 'a million dollar voice'.
Someday, maybe before it's all over,
or maybe after I'm gone,
we'll get that million!  

Thank you Phil. We look forward tomorrow in Part 4 of this 7 part
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
as R&B Soul Legend Singer...Phil Perry,
shares a One-Word Playback for the OL Viewers.

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist! We'll see you tomorrow! And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Phil. It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 4 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. We're at the segment Interview feature, where we introduce a 'One Word' Interview question to You, Phil, and if you can please playback a One-word Commentary Note for the OL Visitors, that would be a mind blowah!! Okay, here we go!

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Phil Perry:

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist.
Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this
OL Interview 4 of 7 segment?. 

Phil Perry:
I wrote and sang a song a while back called 'MUSIC PRAYER FOR PEACE' for the great saxophonist, Ernie Watts. It was featured on his Grammy Award winning MUSICAN album (1985/QWEST Records), along with two others I composed. 

Phil Perry:
For some reason, this 4th segment of the Interview made me think of that song, because it has a special message.  Ernie plays the mess out of it, but the lyrics are a music commentary in and of itself, and this might be something that the readers will enjoy.

Thank you, Phil. We look forward tomorrow in Part 5 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Interview, as Phil Perry The Singer covers collaborations, concerts.& more cool stuff!...on  the next segment.
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist! We'll see you tomorrow! And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Phil. It's good to hang out with you again, this being Part 5 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. Thank you once again.
The "PURE PLEASURE" CD, released in 1994, on the MCA Record Label,
has you collaborating with Keyboardist extraordinaire George Duke, on the cover  and his arrangement of the Spinners classic
 "Love Don't Love Nobody." This song seemed like it was just meant for You to put your own stamp on it. Is this one of those songs that You've always wanted to cover since first hearing it?

Phil Perry:
 Yes, I always loved that song.
 I always wanted to cover it because
Phillipe Winn's
singing style taught me alot about vocal control.

Who was on your turntable growing up? 

Phil Perry:
Ray Charles, Johnny Hartman,
Billy Eckstine, Arthur Prysock,
Johnny Mathis, Nat "King" Cole
my Mom liked crooners. 

Who do You like to listen to now,
 when You have time?  

Phil Perry:
 I like to listen to my wife, Lill,
 singing around the house.
The sound soothes me.  

Your collaborations are pretty awesome,
too! From the legendary 'Whispers'...
and most recently with the incredible
Melba Moore
on The Gift of Love" Duet CD. You sound great together! Did you both decide together on what material to sing?  

Phil Perry:
Shanachie Records pulled some classic material from the Motown vault;
"Ashford & Simpson,"
and other assorted selections, which completed the recording.  

Respectively , since You've worked with so many Artists in your Career, Phil,
the follow-up question might be...
Who would you like to work with,
that you haven't worked with yet?  

Phil Perry:
The Clark Sisters, Tamia,
Chrisette Michelle, Kenny Lattimore...
and my daughter Paloma.

Having had the ultimate 'Pure Pleasure' experience of seeing You 'live' in Concert many times; You perform like nobody's business, Phil, mesmerizing the crowd with your Voice and Stage Presence.
You love your fans, don't You? It shows...

Phil Perry:
Without Fans, your sound has no ears.

Thank you, Phil. We look forward tomorrow to Part 6 of 7, Oceanliner Notes Weekly Interview, as Phil Perry The Singer covers collaborations, concerts, & more cool stuff!...on  the next segment.
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Phil. a new day with You, this being Part 6 of our 7 day Interview for
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.

Thank you once again. As promised to our
OL Viewers
...everyone has their favorites on all of your CD's...   

What we want to know is, which ones are yours? for "The Heart Of The Man,"
you told us earlier, 'Say Anything'.
So now let's visit the other CD's,
as You just spin off a one-liner song title
for each CD. Thank You, Phil...Here we go!


Phil Perry:
'Angel of the Night' and
'When It Comes To Love'


Phil Perry:
'Heart of My Heart' and
'A Postcard in Winter'  


Phil Perry:
'My Book of Love' ... the title song  


Phil Perry:
'Perfect Island Night'


Phil Perry:
'Hello'...the Lionel Richie song.


Phil Perry:


Phil Perry:

Thank you, Phil. We look forward tomorrow to Part 7 of 7, Oceanliner Notes Weekly Interview, as Phil Perry The Singer covers collaborations, concerts, & more cool stuff!...on  the next segment.
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Thank you very much Phil, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist! We'll see you tomorrow! And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back, Phil. It's been so cool having you on this week! We're at Part 7,
the conclusion of this Interview for
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series...
and Oceanlight Records would like to
thank You, Phil, for sharing your heart, mind, voice, music, and soul, with All of the
OL Viewers!
It's been fantastic
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Phil Perry:
The pleasure is all mine.
Thank you for inviting me.  

Phil, You are truly a living Legend and your endless talents are truly a Mind Blowah to us all! For this Interview, if you will, please give us your closing liner note thoughts
on where the state of R&B and Adult Contemporary Music Crossover is today,
 and your closing music commentary quote for the up and coming Singers of the world? Thank you.

Phil Perry:
The state of the music business is questionable at best.  As the digital radio scene has changed, the places where people expose their music has also changed,
and this has required that artists change their way of doing business.  

Phil Perry:
 The retail outlets have disappeared,
and some artists still scramble to find alternative means for selling their music.  Many of them still do things the old way,
with middle men, managers, publicists, etc.  

Phil Perry:
I've been fortunate to have a wife who saw these new trends coming, and convinced me of the importance of having direct contact with my fans, by establishing a presence in cyberspace with a web site.  I was one of the first artists who had a website,
and I can remember some of my peers 
being perplexed as to why I eliminated the manager piece, but really it was about the old school Mom & Pop concept for us. 
No one has ever taken care of my business,
as well as my wife. 
After my heart attack back in October,
there was a buzz that I had died on stage,
so immediately she had to go to work to dispel that rumor through the use of the website and various social networks. 
It's as if God allowed me to survive in this business long enough to be able to take advantage of the new technologies.
Do you know what I mean? I was born to be an artist for such a time as this, because I've recently gained more recognition through social networking,
 resulting in the explosive growth of my fan base on the internet.  So while things have changed from the old way of doing business using teams of middle men, results have been greater using the new ways.  Lill saw this long before I did, and I trusted her with it, and here I am - still standing.
Every day, dozens of new fans are contacting me, discovering my music for the first time, asking where they can get an album that might be over 20 or 30 years old, assuming it's a new release.  It really blows my mind.
And then there are the newly grown fans who listened to me subliminally when they were kids living with their folks.  They didn't know my name, but they knew my voice.
 I call those the 'a-ha' moments.  They didn't know it was Phil Perry singing. My name wasn't a household word, but now they do, and they've become fans for life.
 It's truly a blessing.     

Phil Perry:
GOD did not forget about me, even though the music business did.  So my advice for new singers is to just hang in there, because everything will change, and your time will come.  Everyone has their season to bring forth the fruit of their labor. 
If you're in Music for Life,
then give your Life to the Music.    

There are Singers and then there are SINGERS!... Phil Perry The Singer, has shown us how it should really be done, just by being himself. He said he would change his singing style for no one. It's a blessing for music lovers all around the world, that he didn't!

Thank you, to Phil Perry The Singer, and thank you All for visiting
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R&B Soul
Smooth Jazz Legend

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"The vulnerability of a vocal performance is the peak of believability the listener has.
I'd have to say that it's the MOST important characteristic in the performance."

...Phil Perry The Singer

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