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We'd like to Welcome the master
Trumpeter great Randy Brecker!
It would be nearly impossible to create a capsule for all that Mr. Brecker has encompassed as one of the Music Industry's most respected and sought after Musicians...
Frankly, why would we ever want to do that?

Catching Mr. Brecker on the fly this coming week for all of the OL Readers and music lovers everywhere, OL is honored to chat awhile with Mr. Randy Brecker, as we travel through his remarkable contribution to the music world,  shaping the sound of Jazz,
R&B and Rock for more than four decades...
from the famed Blood, Sweat & Tears Group, to the The Brecker Brothers to Randy's endless recording credits including appearances on Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan, David Sanborn tracks & so many more [it's a long list, folks, but we promise to get to Interview Randy in a moment]...
own celebrated Solo CD's include...

the Grammy Winning Best Contemporary Jazz
"Randy Brecker In Brasil"
CD, the
 "Some Skunk Funk" CD with his brother
Legend Saxophonist Michael Brecker,

which also won a Grammy... & more in
between, with his latest CD
"RANDY BRECKER Nostalgic Journey:
Tykocin Jazz Suite" -
The Music Of Wlodek Pawlik.

Welcome Randy, and thank you for giving us and all of the OL Site Visitors, for what will be a 7-part Interview on the
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
  for the entire week of October 31, 2010. It's great having You here for all of our OL Viewers, once again, thank you and welcome Randy! How are You?

Randy Brecker:
Doing fine and have been very busy with a variety of things, knock on wood!

Randy, you're a Philadelphia native who grew up gigging on the music scene in your hometown. Take us to that very night with the first band that You worked with?

Randy Brecker:
Well, it was a long time ago, so I don't remember the very first gig, but I sat in at a private party with the great tenor and baritone saxophonist Billy Root and he started hiring me for gigs.

Randy Brecker:
Also Lew Tabackin (with whom I just played with at Dizzy's in NYC last week as members of the Newport All Stars, and I played in a Youth Band together fronted by
Jimmy DePriest.
Also the great unheralded alto saxophonist Clarence "C" Sharpe let me sit in with him quite frequently.

Randy Brecker:
All these great musicians lived in Philly,
plus there was American Bandstand being
broadcast from downtown Philly.
Dick Clark
was really a jazz fan and he
scoured South Philly for singing talent like
Frankie Avalon (Avalona)
who was a good
jazz trumpet player, and went to High School
with Lew Tabackin.
Also Bobby Rydell who was a good jazz
drummer...I'd back these guys up in
clubs down the shore in the
summer, but the root of it all was jazz...
same with Gamble and Huff later on...

You come from a very musical Family.
Your Dad was a Pianist... what was the music that your Father exposed You and your brother Michael to, and how did he influence You with his own playing approach, though different instruments?

Randy Brecker:
Bebop and trumpet players like
Clifford Brown,
who was playing around quite a bit in the Philly area, and Miles, Dizzy and Chet. We had a family band. Mike, who was playing clarinet, but never really took to it at the time; doubled on drums and vibes as did I. And my sister Emily played bass. We were cookin' and Dad showed us a lot of tunes.

In this wonderful musical nurturing at such an early age Randy, can you share with us,
the first time the Trumpet was introduced to You and how you felt when You first played it?

Randy Brecker:
It was in the 3rd grade and I was 8.
Our small school only had trumpets or clarinets available so I grabbed the trumpet. Mike 3 years later didn't want to play the same instrument,
so he got stuck with the clarinet,
 but not for long! The trumpet hurt my lips and 50 years later it still hurts my lip,
but I still love the sound of the TRUMPET
in any setting!

Here here, Randy! Yes indeed,
In any setting, we love your sound!

Your musical background is so full of many colors. All through attending
 Indiana University and continuing on early in your Career, You've played with various Jazz Groups and Soul Bands,
including Booker T. and the MGs.
Tell us about your days in working with
Booker T.

Randy Brecker:
Well, Booker or "T" as we called him, was playing trombone in the IU Jazz Band with me and getting a degree in music composition.
He decided to form a band at school so we played together on weekends for my freshman and sophomore years.

Randy Brecker:
It was a great way to learn the soul repertoire, much of which I already knew from playing in blues bands in Philly, plus I could drive around campus with him in his large white Caddy convertible!

Randy, in our special time with You this week, we'd like to cover as much as we can on the ever-shining highlights of your Career.
So tell us about your joining the classic Jazz-Rock Band Blood, Sweat & Tears on the,
"Child is Father to the Man"
debut Album during the rock-edged 60's, and working with the other band members?

Randy Brecker:
Well, it was an eye opening experience.
Instead of small jazz clubs we were playing at
concert halls like the Fillmore West double-
billing with bands like
Steve Winwood
and Traffic, or Cream,
or even Elton John's first US date
in Boston.

Randy Brecker:
Learned a lot from recording the album as far as how to produce rock records. The other core band members were very experienced musicians and businessmen and they knew how to take it to the next level. Many of us still stay in touch. I really dig those guys.

Over the years and looking back, what would be one of your favorite
Blood, Sweat & Tears

Randy Brecker:
'I Can't Quit Her' by Al Kooper.

As a BS&T Band Member, that was about the time when You first moved to New York City. Tell us Randy, about the first gig that You landed when arriving on the New York
music scene?

Randy Brecker:
The first steady gigs were with a soul band called the Soul Seachers or something. 
We played 5 sets a day/night at the Metropole for go-go girls. Then Clark Terry, Mel Lewis and Duke Pearson called,
so I started working in their big bands.

Randy Brecker:
Then Blood Sweat & Tears,
then Horace Silver.
Was doing a lot of sitting in and jam sessions
so word got was a smaller scene
back then..before Jazz Ed. There were also
many rehearsal bands where one got to know
other players. I was doing something musical
every day. Larry Coryell and the
Free Spirits, Dave Liebman, Lenny White,
I could go on and on... Jan Hammer,
Gene Perla,
as soon as I think of a memory,
another one pops up, it was an extraordinary
time. Then you could go hear Miles,
and Trane, and Sonny, Bill Evans...
matinees at the Vanguard. Exciting!
Freddie Hubbard
and Joe Henderson,
Stanley Turrentine, Art Blakey...
on and on...

Having also worked with the
Clark Terry Big Band,
the Thad Jones/
Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra,

and the Duke Pearson Big Band...
to name a few...
this added yet another dimension
to your Career,
 with the best of both worlds Rock and Jazz...
showing your great range as a Musician.
What do You like best Randy, about playing
your Trumpet in various musical styles?

Randy Brecker:
I love musical variety as long as the bands are first rate, and it keeps my overall playing fresh and exciting.

Thank you very much Randy, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this OL Interview
1 of 7 segment?

Randy Brecker:
As Peter Wolf of the J Geils Band used to say onstage:
"Buy the Records Baby!"

Thank You much Randy, we'll ditto that!

We look forward tomorrow in Part 2 of this 7 of the Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where we get to cover Trumpeter Great Randy Brecker's NOSTALGIC JOURNEY CD & more! And thank you all for visiting OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back to American Trumpeter great Randy Brecker. It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 2 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. Thank you once again, Randy.

As we're featuring some of your phenomenal tracks recorded throughout the years...
Tell us about the making of your celebrated CD "NOSTAGLIC JOURNEY Tykocin
Jazz Suite" The Music Of Wlodek Pawlik...

You recorded this project with the
Wlodek Pawlik Trio & Symphony
at the Podlasie Opera and
Philharmonic Concert Hall, Bialystok?

Randy Brecker:
Wlodek was an old friend and wonderful pianist and film composer- the best in Poland. When Mike was ill, he took it upon himself to look for bone marrow donors of Eastern European descent and found the area of Poland where our family was from:
Tykocin (mother's maiden name Tecosky).
So after Mike passed, Wlodek wrote a piece dedicated to him and the holocaust and celebrating my homecoming and yes we recorded it in one day at the concert hall!

The title track, "Nostalgic Journey" and
 "No Words" have a very melancholy far-away pensive feel to it... and equally pleasurable, providing a nice supporting space for your Trumpet tracks to soar melodically and freely. What is the story behind the "Nostalgic Journey" composition?

Randy Brecker:
I think you described it well. It chronicles my long journey back home and all the hardships my countrymen had to endure during WWII.

With all of the various recording scenarios that take place in your Career, from working with Rock, Jazz & Soul Bands; tell us about what it's like recording with
a Symphony Orchestra?

Randy Brecker:
It was a thrill to hear the strings and they were first class players...soulful!

As we travel through the highlights of your Discography, Randy... Let's go to your Grammy-winning CD "SOME SKUNK FUNK," and what it meant to You to work with your much loved brother,
Legend Saxophonist Michael Brecker,

all those years as The Brecker Brothers?

Randy Brecker:
Well, it was like having another appendage...we had a 6th sense together about music phrasing and form.
We never had to talk about those things,
and I was so proud of what he accomplished in his life-we all miss him dearly.
we miss his music dearly, too.

We miss Michael, too, Randy... and he gave us all his magic and music to cherish, forever ...Tell us about the special song that You hold dear to your heart, to this day, that You and Michael recorded together?

Randy Brecker:
I suppose that would be the classic
 'Some Skunk Funk'...
we played that tune every night and the audience liked to have us play it 'as fast as is humanly possible!'
 I still play it on my gigs.

Thank you very much Randy, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, as we conclude this OL Interview
2 of 7 segment?

Randy Brecker:
Buy the Records Baby!

Thank You again Randy,
 we'll ditto that, always!

We look forward tomorrow in Part 3 of this 7 of the Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where we get to cover Trumpeter Great Randy Brecker's Recording credits with so many Music Superstars & more! And thank you all for visiting OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back Randy! It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 3 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. Let's highlight some of your noted recording credits as one of the Music Industry's premier Trumpeters...

You've worked with... Frank Zappa,
Eric Clapton, James Brown,
Herbie Hancock, Luther Vandross,
Jeff Lorber, James Taylor, Luiz Bonfa, Hubert Laws, Horace Silver, Lena Horne, Average White Band, Bob James,
Ringo Starr, Parliament, Gato Barbieri, Chaka Khan,
Elton John, the chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra...
respectfully, we'll need another website to round off to date,
just your recording credits alone...

If possible, though we're sure there are so many special recording moments that You've experienced as a Guest Artist...
tell us about some of your favorite
recording sessions, Randy?

Randy Brecker:
Well, the sessions where the artists were there and helped in the creative process stand out..Paul Simon,
the Steely Dan Cats, George Clinton
with Bootsy and Maceo,
Fred Wesley, Bernie Worrell
-we were paid
by 'Thang Inc' and of course the
date stands out...
sang 'live' and every take was perfect.
Laura Nyro
once asked me to do a solo that
was 'orange'.
Walter Becker
of Steely Dan, asked me not
to use any 'retrograde inversions' (I didn't
know what they were) Most sessions tho'...
in and out.

Randy Brecker:
Once I was writing a lot for Arif Mardin,
 so he handed me a bunch of lead sheets
and cassettes, from which I was supposed to write some horn charts. I asked who was going to be singing; that it would help me to know with the writing of the chart...

Randy Brecker:
he said: "well maybe Aretha, maybe Carly, or Bette or maybe Ringo Starr! -oh I don't know-we'll figure that out later!"

Who are some of your musical influences?

Randy Brecker:
Clifford Brown, Dizzy, Miles,
Charlie Parker, Monk, Art Blakey,
Geo Clinton
and James Brown...
There are a thousand others too..

Now to your acclaimed Solo CD
"RANDY IN BRASIL", Ruriá Duprat, Producer...
featuring some of Brazil's most noted Musicians, including Guitarist
Ricardo Silveira
& many more...
We love the entire CD,
 and would like to ask You about recording your very mystical and beautiful "Sambop" original, and the fusing of the musical styles on this track?

Randy Brecker:
Well, that tune fit perfectly on the CD,
and it had never been recorded before...
although it was a little more jazz oriented,
I knew these expert players could
interpret it well.

On your "Randy In Brasil" CD, you also have a nice mixture of original compositions by Djavan, Gilberto Gil, João Bosco,
Gilson Peranzetta
and also none other than
 Ivan Lins.

Randy Brecker:
What went into picking this incredible music and sketching these great arrangements.
wrote the arrangements, and was the producer. They sent me around 50 tunes to choose from and I whittled it down to
12 or so. Ruria was an expert in every sense, and a great trumpet coach.

Randy, we love that You as a Musician and all of your versatility as an amazing Trumpeter, can bring your provocative, pure and yet exciting Trumpet sound all into focus;
no matter the musical setting...

Simply, for the up and coming horn players out there, who You continue to influence, how do You do it?...
and what advice would You have for them?

Randy Brecker:
Listen as much as you can to all the divergent styles and see how they all fit together in the chronology of things...there's a world of music out there and 'soul' is universal!

Thank you very much Randy, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, as we conclude this
OL Interview 3 of 7 segment?

Randy Brecker:
jus' Buy the Records Baby!

Thank You again Randy,
another ditto on that!

We look forward to Part 4 of this 7 of the Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where  Trumpeter Great Randy Brecker gives us a one-word playback on OL's weekly one-word commentary segment of this Interview...
so stay tuned for more...!

Welcome Back, Randy. Thanks for spending this time with us again, this being
Part 4 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.
We're at the segment Interview feature, where we introduce a 'one word'

Interview question to You, Randy,
and if you can you please playback a
Commentary Note for the
OL Visitors,
that would be super-Bop!

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Randy Brecker:

Thank you very much Randy, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist.
Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, in concluding this OL Interview 4 of 7 segment?

Randy Brecker
Buy the Records Baby!!

Thank you, Randy. We look forward tomorrow in Part 5 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Interview,as we get to highlight some of Randy Brecker's 'live' shows and the Artists that he's worked with & more...

And thank you all for visiting OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

Welcome Back Randy! It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 5 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. Some of your recent 'live' shows include working with our good friend Smooth Jazz Keyboardist Jason Miles on the Music of Grover Washington, Jr.
at the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival.
Tell us about working with Jason Miles on this great tribute to Grover at this Festival?

Randy Brecker:
Wow, this was a great event and Jason
put together a fantastic show. Grover would have loved it. Jason is a passionate musician who always comes up with projects that are worthwhile and well organized.

Randy Brecker:
He's an old friend, and I always
enjoy working with him.
My wife Ada Rovatti also played
some killer sax solos on the gig!

Your world tours and 'live' show include appearances as a Guest Artists, working with colleagues and Top Musicians like
 Chuck Loeb/Mitch Forman's
'Metro Special Edition',
 the Kenny Werner Quintet,

and extended tours in Japan
and Europe as a special guest with the
Mike Stern Quartet.
In general Randy,
what do You feel goes into making a successful Tour; when it comes to choosing what's on your own playlist when headlining?

Randy Brecker:
You have to give the audience a great show; whatever that entails and be flexible enough to change things in mid-stream, if you think the audience might want to hear
this or that selection.

Randy Brecker:
Of course all the Music has to be first rate
and you might want to incorporate
"the hits"...people always want to
hear those. Plus, just have
a good time!

Okay, here's the scenario...
On a rare night that You might have off,
who would You like to see 'live' in Concert, that You haven't seen before?

Randy Brecker:
Well, last week I went to hear
Kenny Werner
and the
Brussels Jazz Orchestra 2x,
 at Dizzy's Club in Lincoln Center,
and would have gone more,
 if I had had the time.
It was amazing.

Randy Brecker:
I'm proud to say I'm on a soon to be released Kenny Werner Quintet CD that was recorded 'live' at the Blue Note NYC,
 and will be released early next year.

Congrats on that, Randy!...
is one of the top Jazz Touring Mecca's for Musicians all over the world. Tell us about your shows when performing there,
and what You like most about touring
 in Japan?

Randy Brecker:
Well Japan is a beautiful country and
county-side. The cities are all advanced technologically and there are
 many, many, many fans!

Randy... with the Trumpet as your primary Instrument, you are also often featured playing the Flugelhorn as well...

Tell us about the sound characteristic differences between the two Instruments and what makes You choose one or the other,
on a particular track or performance?

Randy Brecker:
Well, it's a feeling thing...
at the last second I might hear the sound of the flugel rather than trumpet..
the sound is more mellow and blends better with certain instruments like the guitar.
It's also easier to be lyrical.

Thank you very much Randy, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, as we conclude this OL Interview
5 of 7 segment?

Randy Brecker:
Well, as usual..."Buy the Records Baby!"

Thank You again, Randy!

We look forward to Part 6 of this 7 of the Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, where we cover more of Trumpeter Great Randy Brecker's recorded tracks and favorite things!

Welcome Back to Trumpeter great
Randy Brecker!
It's great to have You on again, this being Part 6 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.
We would be missing something,

if we here at OL didn't thank You for your Special Guest Appearance on the instrumental OL Bossa Nova track
"Island Winds"
from the session at our favorite Recording Studio...
Bennett Studios in NJ...
where the track is also featured in the WEDDING BROS. Screen Media Films' Romantic Comedy, starring Dan Fogler,
Jon Polito
& others.
You sound simply great, Randy!...thank you!

In your years of extensive Film Soundtrack credits Randy, which include the original soundtracks of "Fame" and also working on "The Wiz" original soundtrack, Produced by Legend Quincy Jones, just to highlight...

Can You share with us your memories on being a part of Film industry's Chart-topping Soundtracks of the 70's and 80's?

Randy Brecker:
Well, it was fun to work with "Q", but I was
doing a lot of sessions every day so they just
blended into the one door and out the
other to tell you the truth. They were fun to
do, but paid less than jingles...
that's what we wanted to book...
get those residuals!

Speaking of Films, what would be one of your favorite films to watch to this day?

Randy Brecker:
"Tender Mercies" starring Robert Duvall.
It's all about Music and Redemption.

Randy, your original compositions are just as extensive as your outstanding recording credits...from the swingin' "Bangalore" on your debut "Score" Album on the Blue Note Records Label. to "The Sleaze Factor,"
(featuring David Sanborn on Sax) on your Grammy-winning  "INTO THE SUN" CD on the Concord Jazz Label... to name a few...
take us to your writing process when working on new music in general?

Randy Brecker:
Well, Bill Evans just asked the same question
earlier today! It's like putting a giant puzzle
together, so I don't have a prescribed
method. sometimes I have a beat,
other times a bass groove.
other times a melody...
just wrote something last night that started
as a funky drum loop but ended
as a you never know!
It's fun to get a tune together in your head
and then get it out and into the computer
using just your imagination and ears.

On your track "The Hottest Man" on your "Into The Sun" CD, there's a wonderful moment of an early recording of your Dad, Pianist Bobby Brecker. Tell us about his excitement of knowing that You and your brother Michael would follow in his footsteps?

Randy Brecker:
Dad was a great musician in his own right. Wonderful pianist, singer, and songwriter.
He was thrilled when Mike and I started to get our names around since he came from immigrant parents and to had choose another 
 full-time occupation and played music as a local musician in Philly only part time.
He wrote that tune for me,
 'The Hottest Man In Town'
when I was
 2 weeks old and in it prophesied that I'd be a musician and horn player,
 so it was all preordained!

Tell us about your  guest solo work on:
"The Avatar Sessions:
 The Music of Tim Hagans,"
which also features  Tim Hagans, Peter Erskine,
Dave Liebman, The Norrbotten Big Band

and more?

As we're nearing the end of this
Interview segment... What new projects are coming down the road for You, Randy?

Randy Brecker:
Tim Wrote a tune for me (rather us!) called 'Boooo!' as in Boogaloo! It was fun to record it and Tim's record is a classic and deserves much recognition. He's a fantastic writer too and Peter swung his a__ off!

Randy Brecker:
I have a great project 'in the can' that will be out next year on the Half Note Label. I'm featured with the wonderful Danish Radio Orchestra doing 2 of my compositions and other well known tunes like 'Cry Me a River' and 'Round Midnight', expertly arranged by the great Vince Mendoza and other amazing writers in the band...this is probably the most accessible thing I've ever done,
and I'm looking forward to its release...
lot of ballads and beautiful strings.

Randy Brecker:
Then the next project will be more funk oriented, and will most likely be
recorded at the Blue Note NY,
 so keep an eye out for these!!

That sounds great, we look forward to checking out your new recordings in the future... and thank you very much Randy,
for coming on as our Special Guest Artist.
Is there any music commentary you'd like to share with the viewers, as we conclude this OL Interview 6 of 7 segment?

Randy Brecker:
Buy the Records Baby!

Surely!... Thank You again, Randy!

In the closing segment of this week's Interview, part 7 of this 7 part
 Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,

American Trumpeter great Randy Brecker
will give his closing commentary on where Instrumental Music is today!
 Thank you Randy. We'll see you, again!

Welcome Back, Randy. It's nice to have You on again, this being Part 7 of our 7 day Interview for OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. We can't thank You enough for stopping by here at OL for all of our many
 OL Readers...!

if just for a special shining moment for the week, its really been an absolute pleasure to chat with You about you, Randy!

Randy Brecker:
Yes a great week...thanks for having me!

American Trumpeter great Randy Brecker... of countless and some of the most important and award-winning acclaimed recordings ever in the musical worlds of Jazz, R&B and Rock, crossing over as one of the Industry's most versatile and revered Musicians on the planet.

Randy, in closing of this Interview,
 if you will, please give us your closing liner note thoughts on where Instrumental Music is today and your closing music
commentary quote? Thank you.

Randy Brecker:
Well, I think instrumental music in the hands of musicians is in the greatest shape its ever been, due to the many educational programs out there these days..there are more musicians than ever before, who just play and write fantastic music.
 Also it's a global phenomenon.

Randy Brecker:
Also women are making amazing
contributions on every instrument and in as far as pure music is
concerned; things are great...
now we just have to get people interested
to listen to music without a singer,
 but with all these great instrumentalists
out there; that will happen! and

This has been a 'facetious comment' all week,  
 imitating singer Peter Wolf of J.Geils Band
who in the middle of a tune would do a split
and on the way up he'd point to the audience
and intone, 'buy the record baby!'
These days, it is important to buy music
and not download it for free.
We need to pay artists for their hard's not easy to play an instrument
and compose music!

American Trumpeter great Randy Brecker has been hard at work for a number of years.. past, present and respectfully we say that all of those who have been enlightened by
Mr. Brecker's
spectacular Artistry,
can only expect more to come in the future! And it is naturally so, that his words and thoughts throughout this OL Interview,
to say the very least, give insight and uplift us all, as equally as his music has
always done...

With that said...we'd like to bring this
OL Interview
with Mr. Randy Brecker to
full circle... and let his very instrumental beauty, speak for itself...with
"No Words"...
but still, we here at OL
can't echo it enough...Randy's own echo,
 on Rocker Peter Wolf's words...
"Buy The Records Baby!"

Thank you, to American Trumpeter great Randy Brecker, and thank you All for visiting OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

American Trumpeter Great

1. Pedro Brasil - Randy In Brasil CD
2. Toe To Toe - Toe To Toe CD
3. I've Been Through This Before - Hanging In The City CD
4. I Can't Quit Her - Child Is Father to the Man CD
5. Some Skunk Funk - Some Skunk Funk CD (live)
6. The Sleaze Factor - Into The Sun CD
7. Sambop - Randy In Brasil CD
8. No Words..., for trumpet, jazz trio & orchestra -
Nostalgic Journey: Tykocin Jazz Suite CD
9. Island Winds - SWEETHEARTS Multi-Artist Pop Hits CD
Special Guest Artist Online Interview Feature...
Original  OL Records Artist Interview: 10/31/10 - 11/6/10

OL Quote Pick of the
Guest Artist's Interview!

"Buy the record baby!' but these days it is important to buy music and not download it for free.
We need to pay artists for their hard work...
it's not easy to play an instrument and compose music!"

...Randy Brecker

Randy In Brasil CD
Toe To Toe CD
Hanging In The City CD
Child Is Father to the Man CD
Some Skunk Funk CD (live)
Into The Sun CD
Randy In Brasil CD
Nostalgic Journey: Tykocin Jazz Suite CD
SWEETHEARTS Multi-Artist Pop Hits CD, Vol.1